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April 4th - 9th 2017 Design Week Festival Milan


Design Week Festival, the format by Elita located in Milan during Milano Design Week, reaches its twelfth edition. #WalkThrough is the hashtag theme chosen for the edition of 2017, it emphasizes the call for a conscious crossing places, styles and experiences that shows the contemporary music scene through innovative entertainment models.

The DWF12 prepares to invade the nerve circuits in the design week 4 to April 9, overseeing sites without embody a precise form, adapt to the contexts, exploring the sights, sounds, masquerade to mutate through them. A modern nomadism that is expressed through roadshows in more or less well-known areas in the city, for a growing community.


A musical journey that tells a story, like a trip full of exotic sounds, but, at the same time, strongly linked to urban and metropolitan areas, where the world’s citizens are writing a common history, a contemporary popular music. A demonstration of this particular artistic mark will be Okzharp & Manthe Ribane, originating in South Africa, and  Ali Shaheed Muhammad, founder and member of A Tribe Called Quest, hip hop US band, recently spotted at the Grammy Awards with a performance anti-Trump.

Between these two extremes, there’ll be new players like Moses Boyd, a rising star of electronic jazz, Glenn Astro, the Ninja Tune stable manufacturer, OY, a duo that explores the African traditions and nan KOLÈ. There’ll be also many old friends like David Rodigan, undisputed star of the international reggae scene, Sadar Bahar, the universe giant deep house, and Rich Medina, DJ and poet of black culture. Inserted instead in the ceremony of the Milano Design Award Cobu, collective goblet-American who joins Taiku percussion at the tap.

In line with the traditional festival model that has always offers  the best talents of the international club scene: Ame, Red Axes, Moscoman, Marvin & Guy, Marcellus Pittman, Dj Qu, Hiver and a label night in tech-wave key with Hormonal Sequence, featuring Broken English Club, Dies Irae and Samantha.

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> Via Corsico, Naviglio Grande (block party open air)

> Rocket Club

> Edwin Store

> Wall

> Fabrique

> Via Orobia 15

> IED Moda Lab

> BASE Milano


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A special project curated by Elita, the Design Week Festival over the past eleven years has built its identity through constant research in the contemporary music scene and a selection of innovative content, artists and a job using territories, spaces and places by promoting activities ad hoc.

The festival program is part of the official calendar of the Fuorisalone.