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July 18th - 22th 2018 MusicalZOO Festival Brescia

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MusicalZOO festival was established in 2009, from a spontaneous union of club managers and cultural associations operating in Brescia, thanks to the strong artistic excitement. Through the years Brescia Castle has become the suggestive stage of the festival, hosting 250 artists during its 9 editions. Rock, techno, reggae, house, hip-hop, world music, contemporary art, conferences, food & beverage, always aspiring to experimentation and quality.

MusicalZOO festival, in its 9th edition, proves oneself to be one of the most eclectic festival reality, trying to propose a mix of sounds and artistic experiences with contemporary art installations.

2018 edition will take place, as usual, into the evocative spaces of Brescia Castle, using both the area previously assigned to the city zoo, both the inner areas of the building. Concerts, dj set, chill-out zone and spaces for artistic experimentation.

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It’s not possible to reach the castle by car, but only by bicycle.

Coming from Brescia by car, is it possible to park at Fossa Bagni parking.

Coming from Brescia by train, take the subway to San Faustino, than wait for the free shuttle or walk for 5 minutes.


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Inside the festival area there are several food truck.


Brescia Castle, shield on Cidneo hill, is one of the most fascinating fortified complex of italy, immersed in a beautiful natural scenery.